Skrillex: The Leaving EP (Free Download)

If you are in need new music from Skrillex today is your lucky day! He released a new 3 song EP called The Leaving. The songs included are:

theleaving1. The Reason

2. Scary Bolly Dub

3. The Leaving

The Leaving EP Download

The release is from  OWSLA as part of The Nest campaign. The Nest is an insider group that for $12 a month you get access to special releases before anyone else from all the artist on the label. As a member you also receive news updates on what is going on with your favorite artist. This EP dropped earlier this morning and I have already listened to it a few time.  I like the way in which Skrillex is evolving. You can clearly hear the trademark sounds that made him famous but you also hear something new. The last release from Skrillex was back in may so its good to have something new to listen to. He’s been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards this year which will be interesting to see what he goes home with. He won 3 of the 4 Grammy Awards he was nominated for in 2012



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